Miss vampire’s TK game

“Tinle– when”

Inside the dim, damp basement echoed the sound of shaking handcuffs.

At the deepest part of the cage, a girl with white hair sat on her knees, her hands handcuffed,her dothes had been broken, the white silk on her legs had been torn off for a long section, andher face was stained with some blood.Who would have thought that this was once a majesticvampire hunter?Now, without saying a word, hanging down his head, he has become a prisoner of the vampire.

Soon after it happened, the door of the cage was opened.A petite figure from out of the shadow.

Light blue short hair wearing a sleeping cap, white lace dress, chest and a small red bow,her feet on a pair of small white shoes, legs are also white silk.

This is the young millennium vampire in this andient castle.

Facing the Miss Hunter who came to hunt her own, she did not say anything more, nor pouredher cold water to wake her up, but sat quietly opposite her and looked at her.


About a wick, Miss Hunter before her finally regained consciousness.Perhaps because of thedamage from the previous battle, she had to rely on groans to relieve her physical pain.

“Well?My lovely Miss Hunter, you are finall waking up ~”

Miss Vampire looked at her with a smile.

“You…. I tell you… you don’t mess around… or I will.. babble!”

Her words came to an abrupt end, for the Miss vampire before her extended her petite hand andpinched Miss Hunter’s waist.

“Well, my lovely Miss Hunter, you should know more nonsense, right?What’s more, you are my’guest’now. How can the host let the guest talk endlessly?You only need to answer me a question.Will you submit to me?”

She added the pronunciation of “guest”, whose purpose was to make Miss Hunter understandher current situation, and too much resistance was useless.

“Hum… my grand vampire hunter… how can you yield to a little suck.. ah!”

The vampire in front of her pinched her waist again and interrupted her.

“l said it ~ Miss Hunter ~ you can only answer me two answers now ~ yes, or not oh.”

“Only… just have no allegiance..”

“Yes, so ah ~ I understand your mind ~ so…”

The vampire in front of her no longer pinched her waist, but stretched his hand up, after whichher fingers were set against the smooth and white armpit, and then scratched lightly.

“Eb!No… don’t be so ha ha ha m very uncomfortable ah ha ha ha ha ~”

Miss Hunter gave a crisp, sweet laugh, but even so, she failed to change her mind.”

So, what is the consideration right now?

“No… no loyal ah ha ha haha ~”

“You are really stubborn, so, Ihad to force you to submit oh~”

She slid one hand in the Miss Hunter’s white armpit, the other removed her li leather boots,held five fingers against the soles of her feet, and scratched her lightly.

The double itch from the armpits and the soles of her feet made Miss Hunter feel as if she werein hell, and even if her heart was a rock, she had to surrender.

“I~I agreed ha ha ha~stopha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.”

“This is a good boy ~”

Miss Vampire spoke, too, and stopped at the moment Miss Hunter took her oath of submission.

“Ha….. finally saved… “

Miss Hunter, who had experienced tickling hell, lost her brain, and even the most basic thinkingability temporarily subsided.